Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Terrapin Hopsecutioner


 Terrapin Beer Company

Athens GA

ABV: 7.2%
IBU’s: 78

Maybe you guys remember I work a side job at Trader Joe's this weekend we got in this beer and being only 45 miles from Athens I figured I'd go for it I have to be honest for the $9.99 per six pack I was a little apprehensive but a man needs to splurge sometimes. So after getting off after a 4am wine display build I grabbed these and went home for an 11 am tasting :) Here's what I found.

On the pour Clear, very slightly hazy copper colored with a small, average lasting, whitish head. Little lacing. The nose Smell: Sweet citrus and pine. Smells juicy and fresh. Similar to the aroma. The taste is Pretty balanced up front with some nice malt flavor but mostly the same kinds of hops evident in the aroma. The second wave of flavor is a strong citrus hop bitterness that eventually fades to a very balanced mild sweetness and grapefruit hoppiness. Love it. This is a great brew, and even though I'm partial because of proximity to my home I think I will be keeping the man fridge stocked with at least a few of these soldiers.